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It is a well known fact that HVAC energy consumption constitutes around 70% of energy bills of majority of the facilities. With ever increasing tariff rates and imposed regulations on generation of carbon foot print, management
of this significant portion of energy bill, consumed by HVAC equipment, is imperative.

The energy efficiency of HVAC equipment mainly depends on the following two factors:
i) Maintenance
ii) Equipment life

A well maintained equipment has operating life of 15 to 20 years. With time, the efficiency of the equipment drops down due to wear and tear of internal mechanical components.

Moreover, by the end of the useful life span of the equipment, new units with significantly better energy efficiency ratios usually become available.

Doing it right …
As a facility manager (or owner) having HVAC equipment approaching end of the useful operating life, you are faced with decision of replacing the existing equipment when potential savings from the new equipment exceeds the additional operating cost of old equipment over next 15 to 20 years span.

Being a critical asset and major energy consumer of any facility, you cannot afford to cut corners in the scope of replacement of HVAC equipment.

At such a time, you require the right mix of experience , expertise and cost efficiency without sacrificing reliability; and we provide you just that…

What We do …
Upon receiving your requirement of replacement of the HVAC equipment we perform following steps:
 Our technical team visits your site.
 Analyzing site requirement in line with the required scope e.g.:
■ Crane / lifting
■ Installation space availability
■ Valve Packages
■ Cladding and insulation
■ Electrical cabling
■ Breakers and Isolators
■ Control Panels
■ Civil foundations
 Selection of suitable replacement HVAC unit according to the site heat load.
 Preparation of estimates with quality materials along with options of HVAC equipment
from multiple manufacturers.
 Provide you buy-back option at competitive prices to further minimize you expenditure.
 Start-up and Commissioning of installed HVAC equipment directly by the respective manufacturer
to ensure complete peace of mind.

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